About Me

The CEO of Asyah's Boutique

Welcome to the AB Beauty Squad! My name is Ashley
Thompson and I am the face and owner of Asyah's
Boutique. I am a city girl born and raised in Atlanta,
Georgia. I started this business because my crown IS

I love to switch my hair styles, love getting my hair done, and most of all feeling and looking sexy! So why not help other women feel good in their crown as well.
I decided to specialize in RAW extensions because I
believe in high quality and luxury and that is exactly what
my business will bring. RAW hair is rare, real, and most
of all it is hair that will last you a long time.
Asyahs® Boutique is a company that strives to get you
to tap into your inner sexy while specializing in luxury
raw extensions that is natural, unprocessed, and top of the