FAQ's Page

Q: What type of hair is this?
A: Asyah's Boutique specializes in RAW hair
which means that the hair is real human hair that
has not been processed in any shape or form or
does not contain any chemicals to give it texture
or shape. This type of hair is good with high
heat and can take color well.

Q: How long does the hair last?
A: The hair (bundles) can last up to 3 to 5 years
with proper care. Closures and Frontals can last
about 2-3 weeks with proper care and
Q: What should I use to protect my hair?
A: Silk scarfs, bonnets, and satin pillowcases
are always recommended. Tying up your hair
every night will keep your hair
protected and keep hair lasting a long time.

Q: How often should I wash this hair?
A: Wash this hair as if it was your own hair.
This is real human hair so wash your hair often
or regularly, either once a week or every two
weeks depending on your hair type and scalp.
Also keep your hair moisturized.